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hemp cream by remedialhemp cream by remedial

pain relief creampain relief cream

hemp cream for pain relief and inflammationhemp cream for pain relief and inflammation

cbd cream for pain reliefcbd cream for pain relief

hemp cream with natural ingredientshemp cream with natural ingredients

Instant hеmp by Remedial – safeguarded by top-world safety & quality manufacturing standards. Superior quality hеmp cream for раin rеliеf. This 2 OZ jar contains a powerful punch of hеmp extract. An ideal cream for quick and powerful раin rеliеf:

hip & joint раins;muscle stiffness;inflammation;fibromyalgia;nerve раin;elbow раin;neck раin;foot раin;back раin;sore & tired muscles;osteoarthritis;arthritis.

Even more significant benefits:

unique instant formulа hеmp extract;unique instant formula;pleasant natural smell;long lasting;only natural ingredients;absorbs quickly, spreads smoothly.

Every OZ is third party tested to bring you the best quality possible. Time to make an absolutely health investment.


Apply the cream to the affected area 3-4 times daily and massage thoroughly for about 30 seconds for best results.

Made in USA
Instant cream formula: our natural and organic cream for раin rеliеf is 10x stronger; it’s natural formula has the perfect ingredients like msm, arnica, and menthol
Natural раin rеliеf: made with care, dedication and commitment exclusively from 100% natural ingredients; perfect for all kinds of раin (joint, arthritis & back раin); quality for a раin-free life
Mega potency: our cream contains a special long-lasting formula which helps you to feel more comfortable and relieved during the day and at night; it is fast absorbing and non-greasy cream
Rеliеf and comfort: our unique formula helps to reduce muscle, elbow & arthritis раin, back, knee, soothe stiffness and inflammation, relieve joint раin, fibromyalgia & carpal tunnel раin and раin in damaged nerves
Fast acting menthol cream reduces chronic раin: rub thoroughly for 30 seconds for optimal absorption; lowers swelling from inflamed atopic itchy rashes and bruises

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