#KNOWvember 2021: Demystifying Neuropathic Pain

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Each year, the U.S. Pain Foundation hosts KNOWvember, a month-long event using events, social media content, and information to explore an aspect of pain management. This year, we focused on neuropathic pain, which is pain caused by damage to the various levels of the nervous system.

An impressive amount of pain warriors all around the country participated in last month’s event, which was organized around the hashtag #NeuroPain. 32% of people who visited the U.S. Pain website engaged with KNOWvember resources on neuropathic pain, including an informational handout, webinar, and Twitter Chat. The month also featured daily social media posts with facts about neuropathic pain and weekly articles on different types of nerve pain. 

The November 17 webinar, “Understanding Neuropathic Pain,” had a record-breaking amount of registrations. Moderated by CEO Nicole Hemmenway, the presentation featured Helen Blake, MD, a specialist in pain management from the St. Louis Spine and Orthopedic Surgery Center, who discussed the causes of neuropathic pain, treatment options, and much more. The recording of the event continues to be a resource that pain warriors are engaging with and learning from.

Throughout the month, the U.S. Pain Foundation social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook shared daily posts with facts and details about neuropathy and its treatment in America. Finally, U.S. Pain consulted doctors and experts to offer weekly articles about different types of neuropathic pain. Click to read these articles below:

To end the month, U.S. Pain hosted a live Twitter chat with NY Times bestselling author Karen Duffy, Bay Area chronic pain expert Dr. Peter Abaci,  and For Grace, a non-profit that promotes better care and wellness for women in chronic pain. The #NeuroPainChat discussed many issues surrounding neuropathic pain, including its prevalence, treatment options, and more, leading to a wider conversation about nerve pain and how to treat it.

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