How To Participate in Our KNOWvember Twitter Chat

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You’re invited to join us on November 30 at 7 pm ET for our KNOWvember Twitter chat, #NeuroPainChat. 

Our featured participants are NY Times bestselling author Karen Duffy, Dr. Peter Abaci, and For Grace, a non-profit that promotes better care and wellness for women in chronic pain. But the conversation is open to all!

To participate or follow along, just look for the hashtag, #NeuroPainChat, or visit our Twitter page, @US_Pain. We’ll be discussing many issues surrounding neuropathic pain, including facts on its prevalence, treatment options, and more.

How do I participate?

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before, we’ve developed a step-by-step guide to help you out.

How to follow the chat and see the latest posts

  1. Log in to (you must have an account set up already—if you’d like to set up an account, click here to learn how)
  2. In the “Search Twitter” toolbar, type in #NeuroPainChat and hit enter
  3. This will show you “top” tweets that use #NeuroPainChat. But to join the chat, you want to see the latest ones, so click “Latest.”
  4. Now you will see all tweets with “#NeuroPainChat” in chronological order. Twitter will prompt you as new tweets come in, or you can refresh the page.

How to participate

  1. At the chat start time, U.S. Pain will welcome everyone and then begin asking a series of questions about the topic. Each question will be labeled “Q1”, “Q2,” etc., and have the hashtag #NeuroPainChat at the end.
  2. To reply directly to the question, use “A1,” “A2,” etc. so everyone knows which question you’re answering, and don’t forget to use #NeuroPainChat at the end. You can also retweet or reply to someone else’s #NeuroPainChat tweet.
  3. Make sure to be respectful of other opinions, but most importantly, have fun! Thanks for creating dialogue around pain management.

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