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02 Nov 2021

As November begins, we enter the Holiday Giving Season, a time of finding the perfect gift (or sometimes a last minute gift) for family and friends, and also a time when many prioritize making donations to their favorite nonprofit organizations. In 2012, in the midst of the Black Friday craze and the social media era, a simple idea of doing good started at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, and #GivingTuesday was born. Using #hashtag activism, which is using the power of social media to “do something” about a problem or generate awareness about something, the initiative quickly became a must for any fundraising strategy.. On Twitter, using a #(hashtag) is a primary way to be a part of an online conversation.

Since 2012, # GivingTuesday has become a “global generosity movement” that inspires millions of people to “give, collaborate and celebrate generosity.” Like most nonprofit organizations today, ANRF relies on donors to our mission and #GivingTuesday is an exciting way to tell our story, the story of our researchers and the those whose work they impact. We look forward to sharing the ANRF story with you this holiday season and to creating online momentum for 2021 #GivingTuesday, which is on November 30 this year. Follow us on twitter: @CureArthritis and watch for more stories throughout the holiday season and beyond.

You don’t have to wait until #GivingTuesday to donate. The Holiday Giving Season starts now. You’re likely reading this because you or someone you love is impacted by arthritis or an autoimmune disease and you want to see progress and a cure! Donate today or bookmark the page for when you are ready to give.



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