Event: Expressive Writing and Chronic Pain

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Expressive writing can be a helpful therapeutic tool to manage pain and anxiety.

“Building your Toolbox” is a monthly series that allows people with chronic pain to explore alternative treatment options to help reduce pain and improve overall health.

Our next event will be held on Tuesday, August 3rd at 7:30 pm ET with Millie Quiñones-Dunlap. Millie is the moderator for one of U.S. Pain’s newest support group, The Writing Room, and will discuss the benefits of expressive writing, ways it helps with chronic pain, and more. It is recommended that attendees have a pen and notebook on hand for a writing exercise during the event. 

Millie Quiñones-Dunlap has been a New York State Certified Teacher/Librarian for twenty years. She previously coached her local high school Slam Poetry team, and is a spoken word artist and writer.

Millie has dealt with chronic pain and disability for sixteen years. She is excited to share how expressive writing has helped her to confront the trauma connected to her injury while decreasing stress, anxiety and depression, and muscle tension. Millie is also currently working on her memoir, “Through the Eyes of a Bronx Girl.”

Unlike traditional webinars, the monthly event is set up so participants can see, hear, and interact with one another and the featured speaker. Millie will present for a small portion of the time, followed by a question and answer period. Pain Connection Director Gwenn Herman will moderate the conversation with assistance from long-time support group leader Bobbi Blades.

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