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2021: the ANRF year at a glance

While there were many changes in the world around us, and some at the ANRF, in 2021, the core of what we do and our mission remained the same. Always the focus and highlight of our year is when we are able to award early career scientists grant funding, and then watch them turn their ideas into research, answers and solutions. While that is our core focus, there are other highlights and changes that are good to look back on and be reminded of all the change and opportunity a year can bring! Below are just a few of the highlights:

  1. 2021 The Chronicle Research Edition: Always one of the most anticipated and important moments of each year for the new cohort of scholars, donors who give directly to fund these grants, the ANRF and in general, for the arthritis and medical communities, happens each spring when the years grant recipients are announced. Eighteen early-career researchers received grants for 2021-22, including 10 scientists selected to receive second year-funding and eight first-year receiving second-year funding and eight receiving first-time grants. To meet, or be reacquainted with these researchers, check-out April’s Research edition.


  1. New CEO announced: In March, the ANRF Board of Directors announced Emily Boyd Stormoen as the organization’s next CEO. Stormoen has more than 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector with expertise and success in business development, strategic planning and revenue generation. Stormoen works closely with the Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board and among other priorities, has focused on building the ANRF team. You can learn more about Stormoen and the ANRF team, on the management and staff webpage.


  1. Fall Research Spotlight Webinar Series: This fall the Arthritis National Research Foundation hosted a five-part webinar series, with each session spotlighting a specific type of arthritis or related autoimmune disease and featuring panelists, either currently or previously ANRF funded, presenting the latest in breakthroughs, diagnostic tools, procedures and research & development. Twenty-two ANRF scholars, current and previous, presented and discussed their research as members of the ANRF Scientific Advisory Board hosted and moderated each session. We invite you to watch the webinars now posted on the ANRF website.


  1. The ANRF Board of Directors and the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB): These two volunteer boards are essential parts of the organization, its history and its future. The Board works closely with the CEO in defining the direction and oversight of the ANRF, and approves the SAB recommendations for each year’s cohort of grant recipients. The SAB’s key role each year is to review the applications for the ANRF grants and make the difficult decisions to make its recommendation of select researchers to receive grants through this rigorous application process. For 2022-23, they will meet in early spring to review the applications, which are due on January 17th as they do each year. In Fall 2021, the SAB were also key participants in the Spotlight Series and on March 19th, many of the SAB members will participate in the ANRF Research Symposium.


  1. Recipes quickly became a popular section of The Chronicle and in 2021, whether it was the health benefits, the flavor or its daily nutritional value, ginger recipes were the resounding winners of the most read/clicked…and we’re assuming, the recipes were liked! For more about the health benefits of ginger, the June article, “Ginger — Proven to be more than just a delicious spice” provides good insight and for those recipes you might want to try, there is a ginger option for each meal in the June Recipes section.

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