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Capsaicin Cream – Neuropathic and Arthritic Topical

For targeted relief from neuropathic and arthritic pain, look no further than our CBD+CBDA topical. Our Professional Strength CBD+CBDA Topical includes higher concentrations with more active ingredients than any of our competitors. We include full-spectrum CBD and CBDA at a combined concentration of 600mg/oz. Plus an additional 20 plant compounds (such as arnica) that may help relieve localized pain and inflammation, specific to neuropathic and arthritic pain. 

Some Recent Reviews:

“ I have tried most every capsaicin cream available. RX capsaicin cream is by far the most effective for my aching body. I recommend Rx to anybody that has aches and pains in their body”. Dr Kris Pollack, Chiropractor, ex Seattle Seahawk

“I have arthritis in my elbows, and I noticed a significant improvement after only a week of use.” ~Jim S.

“Used this topical on my arthritic wrists, and it’s so good. Most other topicals, any relief was short-lived, but this one lasts me all day.” ~Brigid H.

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Capsaicin Cream


Doctor recommended, plant-based relief for neuropathic and arthritic pain. This advanced formulation includes multiple, plant-based active ingredients that work synergistically to alleviate pain and inflammation. Ingredients such as:
  • Capsaicin: analgesic, acts of TRV1 receptor (over activates receptors, which results in their desensitization to pain)
  • Arnica – traditional medicine with pain-relieving properties
  • Wintergreen and Menthol – counter-irritant, topical analgesic
  • PEA – anti-inflammatory; endogenous anandamide (naturally found in the mammalian body)
  • Cannabinoids and Terpenes: analgesic and anti-inflammatory (acts on the ECS receptors, resulting in pain relief)
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